Since the distortion of thoughts often begins with the simple attempt to put them into words, the genuine rendition of complex contexts from one language into another is an especially hazardous endeavor, harboring more than a few pitfalls. Slip on the proverbial banana peel, and you can cause a costly catastrophe or earn a few chuckles with a funny faux-pas („We take your bags and send them in all directions” – sign at an airline ticket office in Copenhagen, Denmark).

As a translator, I inherently have a great love for languages. But I don’t just see myself as a linguistic mediator. My role as a cultural mediator is of equal if not of greater importance when interpreting expressions, intentions, and perceptions in order to establish a balanced communication between different parties. Besides natural talent and a broad general knowledge, fulfilling a few fundamental prerequisites is imperative, so as not to get lost in translation:


  • Linguistic Competence

Deep knowledge and command of the source and target language with their multiple peculiarities for the idiomatic transmission of messages without suffering a loss of meaning.

  • Sociocultural Competence

High grade of intercultural sensibility and diplomacy in dealing with people from foreign countries and members of different cultural circles.

  • Functional Competence

Stylistic confidence. Creativity. Efficiency. Flexibility. Reliability.

Translations are charged per standard page (in the target language). A standard page is made up of 1.650 characters (30 lines x 55 characters). Depending on the work volume, I also offer individual solutions tailored to my client’s needs. If you wish to inquire about prices, please contact me directly.

And for all who love to laugh out loud while reading examples of hopeful attempts at English, I recommend you get the very entertaining „Here Speeching American: A Very Strange Guide to English as It Is Garbled Around the World“ by Kathryn Petras & Ross Petras.

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